Referrals from your Doctor /or Recognizing Your Needs & Wants


Require a report from your doctor relating to your General Health—Medications—Vitals—Biometric Issues being Treated. The initial class is determined by your Vitals & Biometrics resulting in the number of pre-conditions (chronic health conditions) that impact your susceptibility to mutating viruses such as COVID.

“With aging, the number of pre-conditions, will determine your longevity.”


We start with obtaining knowledge of your current diet or nutrition routine diet, which enables our dietitians to provide nutrition diet to improve your health and your goals. We also include education on reading & understanding normal/abnormal Lab Test Results/Vitals.


Learn the art of de-stressing through Mindful- Meditation programs that enhance your lifestyle and your quality of sleep.


Learn the requirements of being social for healthy relationships & friendships to enhance mental wellness. Helping others has an internal release of mental balance and satisfaction with oneself.

We coach you to develop lifestyle changes

Our program generally spans three months or 12 weeks, three times a week for a total of 36 sessions.

The program typically includes a combination of:


Professional Exercise Therapy

Supervised medical exercise training with a Registered Kinesiologist to improve cardiovascular and muscular fitness – an assessment will be done to tailor the program to your fitness level. The type and intensity of physical activity recommended will depend on the severity of your pre-existing condition(s) [Comorbidity].


Nutritional Counselling

Nutritional Counselling by a Registered Dietitian to understand your current dietary needs, create sustainable lifestyle modifications and improve your biometrics.


Understand Your Own Biometrics & Vitals

Education on how to understand and read your own biometrics and vitals, manage your personal risk factors, understanding your body’s metabolism, manage your stress and improve sleep habits.

Your exercise routine will include both aerobic exercise (to get your heart rate up) and muscle strengthening activities that may include resistance training. Your personalized program will be based on your age and existing or co-existing medical conditions.

The frequency and duration of various exercises will differ for each participant to some degree.

With the direction of your physician, your team will work with you to choose the best exercises and help you with a workable & effective mobility program.


Medicine is migrating away from a PHARMA-ONLY solution for wellness. Family physicians, reading a patient’s Lab Test Results including VITALS, are asking their patient to consider altering their lifestyle to improve medical conditions.

Mobility for Stretch & Flex

Mobility for Stretch & Flex coaching is an important exercise in each class. The objective is for the patient to learn the importance of retaining flexibility and reaching their target heart rate (THR) while holding it for just 10 minutes each day.

Resistance Training is equally important for maintaining muscle tone and reducing the strain on aging joints & various muscle groups, especially the back and spine.


Humans show a significant relationship between loneliness, leading to anxiety & depression. With COVID, the increased isolation has been mentally difficult like losing a close friend.

COVID-19 has shown us the importance for mental wellness through an expanded REJUV-HEALTH, where we coach the effective solutions to maintain social interactions that will bolster brain health simultaneously. Our REJUV-HEALTH classes emphasize socialization with friendships. This involves sustaining meaning and purpose in life as a core component for life satisfaction.


De-Stressing is a daily requirement to avoid excess cortisol being released by the brain from the adrenal gland. Patients learn the essence of unwinding and controlling the levels of cortisol with mindful-- meditation to decrease stresses as well as reduce heart rate and blood pressure while improving sleeping habits for a quality 7 to 8 hours each evening.

Diet and Nutrition

Diet and nutrition are essential for weight control, but also understanding what foods the body can effectively metabolize to enhance digestion. Classes are very educational, so the individual relates to their personal lifestyle and diet, while learning what foods their body can digest with aging.



Exercise is a low-cost intervention without any of the side effects that accompany most anti-depressant medications. This evidence is so convincing that authors of meta-analysis advocate for exercise to be considered a routine each day for managing anxiety & depression. A leading theory is exercise leads to increased brain cell growth (neurogenesis) by causing the body to product more brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). This is often coined as ‘Brain Fertilizer’ due to its ability to cause new brain neurons to produce in the hippocampus part of the brain-the area associated with memory loss with aging.

Holding your target heart rate (THR) for about 8 to 10 minutes each day can show about a 2% increase volume of anterior hippocampus neurons, resulting in enhanced memory.



Nutritional deficiencies and overall poor nutrition intake may contribute to decline in brain function, mood and energy. Dietitian, Lisa Spriet, identifies the best food choices for promoting healthy brain and body through optimal nutrition and gut health. Some specific recommendations incorporated into the Rejuv protein include


  • Having a high fibre diet through whole foods like vegetable, fruits , legumes and whole grains.
  • Eat fermented foods daily, such as yogurt, kefir, kombucha, lassi, fresh sauerkraut, kimchi, and fresh fermented vegetables.
  • Consume an antioxidant and phytochemical rich diet through colorful vegetables and fruit, herbs and spices and healthy fats.

These foods are established links between anxiety & depression, and other chronic health diseases. Obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardio-respiratory diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, can be altered through healthy gut bacteria and a Mediterranean-style diet that increases the consumption of fish (Omega-3 fatty acids) with plant-based green vegetables that can alter symptoms of anxiety & depression.



As we age, continuous sleep can become more difficult. The patterns of sleep disruption is a major indicator of depression through cognitive decline. Patterns of uninterrupted sleep can help adults with the restorative benefits for enhanced memory retention.

Mindful-Meditation is marvelous for stress reduction, and the reduction in mood and depressive symptoms. A recent randomized controlled trail showed significant reduction in anxiety & depression with Mindfulness & Meditation following YOGA classes.



By the end of the program you will be educated on yourself. You will learn how best to take care of your body. From learning about your specific biometrics, controlling blood sugars, improve heart function or maintain weight, this program is designed to having an everlasting effect on how you take care of yourself. You will have the confidence and understanding about how your body works to maintain your quality of life as you age.


What is ReJuv 90-Day Program?

This is a medically supervised exercise program that also provides education and guidance on nutrition, biometrics & vitals, and healthy lifestyle choices. The goal of the program is to help individuals improve their blood pressure, resting heart rate and improve other vitals/biometrics. We make lifestyle changes.

Why is this program important?

Increase in sedentary behaviour has led to the development of physical inactivity as a chronic disease. Everyone understands the importance of being physically active, but it is the accountability, guidance and support that prevent individuals from reaching their goals. This program was designed to help our patients develop lifestyle changes and use exercise as medicine.

Who is this program for?
This program is for individuals who are physically inactive, currently active but seeking alternative wellness solutions and/or have underlying health risk factors like high blood sugars, body weight, blood pressure, etc who want to have more energy, feel stronger and feel healthier through a lifestyle change.
Who runs the program?

Spencer Raposo is a Registered Kinesiologist who specializes in lifestyle management and chronic disease prevention and management. Spencer hopes to develop the ReJuv program to help the citizens of London, Ontario create healthy behavior changes like Exercise, Nutrition, and Stress Management to feel stronger and healthier in their everyday life.

What to expect as a new patient?
  • Continuing communication with your family doctor.
  • Regulated Health professional advice and guidance for your specific needs.
  • Accountability to make life changes during the program.
  • Strong community of members who are in the same shoes as you.
How do I start this program?

You can book a free consultation with Spencer to discuss the program. Appointments can be made by calling 519-873-1603. Upon commencement of the program we ask for your most recent bloodwork to gain an understanding of your current biometrics which can be tested upon completion of the program to see marked improvements in your specific risk factors.

May I get more information on the program?

Yes please call 519-873-1603 to book a Free Consultation or visit and visit our ReJuv 90-Day Experience Tab.

Your Health Starts Here

The REJUV Program is for your BODY—MIND—SPIRIT that will change your life in just 90 days. GUARANTEED.