The Results for Life

GRADUATION is a special class event that includes family /friends where you are presented a plaque indicating that you achieved the goals set for you. 

“Embark now on your lifestyle changes required for life.”


Medicine is migrating away from a PHARMA-ONLY solution for wellness. Family physicians, reading a patient’s Lab Test Results including VITALS, are asking their patient to consider altering their lifestyle to improve medical conditions.

Mobility for Stretch & Flex

Mobility for Stretch & Flex coaching is an important exercise in each class. The objective is for the patient to learn the importance of retaining flexibility and reaching their target heart rate (THR) while holding it for just 10 minutes each day.

Resistance Training is equally important for maintaining muscle tone and reducing the strain on aging joints & various muscle groups, especially the back and spine.


Humans show a significant relationship between loneliness, leading to anxiety & depression. With COVID, the increased isolation has been mentally difficult like losing a close friend.

COVID-19 has shown us the importance for mental wellness through an expanded REJUV-HEALTH, where we coach the effective solutions to maintain social interactions that will bolster brain health simultaneously. Our REJUV-HEALTH classes emphasize socialization with friendships. This involves sustaining meaning and purpose in life as a core component for life satisfaction.


De-Stressing is a daily requirement to avoid excess cortisol being released by the brain from the adrenal gland. Patients learn the essence of unwinding and controlling the levels of cortisol with mindful-- meditation to decrease stresses as well as reduce heart rate and blood pressure while improving sleeping habits for a quality 7 to 8 hours each evening.

Diet and Nutrition

Diet and nutrition are essential for weight control, but also understanding what foods the body can effectively metabolize to enhance digestion. Classes are very educational, so the individual relates to their personal lifestyle and diet, while learning what foods their body can digest with aging.

 "I improved my physical and mental wellbeing. The program has helped me increase flexibility, endurance and strength."

Jim S.

 "I enjoyed working with Spencer. I found him to be very knowledgeable and helpful."

Deb L.

 "This program has been everything and more. I feel better generally, and have more energy and strength. My stability has improved along with my knowledge of exercising properly to get the best effect and not injure myself."

Gerrie S.

 "I initially found the program to be expensive but afterwards I was pleased with the overall results. What made the program worth every penny to me was the dedication and hard work that Spencer put into it. My favorite part of the program was the instructor. Spencer did a great job! I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for overall health improvement!"

Mike R.

 "This is a first rate experience. Spencer is a knowledgeable professional who provides extra value in designing a program for each individual and adapting it for them as they go. People at any level of fitness will be well led and receive benefit from their engagement in the program. The additional resources of the gym and various classes after the program has ended will help to retain the habits that are developed."

Bob S.

 "Words can not express how thankful I am to the Rejuv Team at AMG for the work they have done with my mom. My name is April Crake and I am a certified personal trainer as well as the owner of Hi-Ignition Fit Lab but when my mom had finally agreed to sell her house and move to London, Ontario, I knew I couldn’t be her daughter and her coach. My mom was very active most of her life from her career as a paramedic, to ski patrol as well as kicking my butt in a squash tournament and placing the trophy – on my dresser when I was in high school. Unfortunately as she aged her arthritis took a toll in her joints and she endured one hip resurfacing, the other hip replacement, her knee was rebuilt in her 20’s resulting from a severe injury in a competitor broomball game and the last surgery she endured was a shoulder replacement a few years ago. She also has fibromyalgia and as many people do struggles with depressed from a very young age. She previously managed the moods and depression with an active lifestyle but as her body broke down was left struggling. I knew I had to find a complete program with a trainer that has experience working with older clients with chronic pain and depression. She needed medical supervision because she had a mild heart attack a few years ago as well as sound nutritional guidance because we all know you can’t make effective physically and mental changes without cleaning up the diet. AMG’s 12 week Rejuv program promised and delivered on all of this. I am so impressed at my mom’s progress and results and would highly recommend this program and the very talented Rejuv Team to anyone looking to make life long sustainable physical and nutritional changes."

April C.

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