Everyone knows that physical activity and exercise are vital for good health. As the population ages, it becomes increasingly important for older adults to get enough exercise. 

But it is not all about building muscle that we need to be concerned about. Even starting with 5-10 minutes a day can have numerous benefits like preventing disease, reducing fall risk, remaining independent, keeping cognition and mental health, and staying stronger, longer. 

This article discusses the benefits of physical activity and senior wellness programs for older adults and how these programs can help. 

How Exercise & Senior Wellness Programs Benefit Older Adults 

Prevent Disease

Countless studies show that regular exercise can help prevent many chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Physical activity helps to improve one’s immune system to fight against disease and sickness. Exercising every day can help you prevent or delay the onset of some diseases. 

For example, aerobic exercise can help to reduce high blood pressure in older adults. For many people, exercise can also help manage different medical conditions like decreasing pain in your joints from arthritis. 

Reduce Fall Risk

As you get older, you lose muscle and bone mass, decreasing your reaction time and increasing your risk of a fall. 

Regular exercise helps you to build strength and stamina, which helps you to improve your balance and increase your bone mass. 

Increasing these factors helps to reduce your risk of a fall or reduce your risk of serious injury and surgery from a fall. Getting up and moving is your best way of avoiding a fall! 

It’s why many retirement homes offer fall prevention programs for seniors – it’s essential for their safety!  


Remain Independent 

Regular physical activity can greatly benefit your ability to remain independent for longer. 

By helping increase your flexibility, improve your balance, build muscle and stamina, exercise can keep you moving and doing the things you love to do. 

Many people believe you need to slow down as you age, but research shows you need to become more physically active to keep your independence. 

Sticking to an exercise routine and undertaking wellness activities for senior citizens are the best way to stay motivated. 

Kinesiologists can develop a senior wellness program that focuses on treating chronic conditions, improving endurance and strength, reducing pain or re-injury while creating a healthy lifestyle” – Learn what our Kinesiologist can do for you

Keep & Improve Cognition

Our mental health is more important than ever. 

Exercise produces endorphins which are feel-good hormones to help us relieve stress and feel happy. 

In addition, numerous studies suggest regular exercise is the key to reducing your risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Aerobic exercise helps to improve brain function, which can aid in multitasking and memory. 

Being active is not just about adding years to your life but also adding more life to your years!

Take Advantage of REJUV’s Senior Wellness Program 

Older adults can obtain significant health benefits even with a small amount of daily exercise. 

It is all about making exercise a priority and habit within your daily life. 

With physical activity at an all-time low due to the pandemic, adults need to find a program or develop a program to help them age actively to increase their ability to stay independent at home or do the things they want.

The REJUV Program in London, Ontario is a 90-Day experience that helps you develop healthy lifestyle changes that create long lasting changes in your health and wellness. We focus on helping you develop a safe and effective exercise program while educating you on nutrition, mindfulness meditation and sleep/stress management. Our Registered Kinesiologists help people lose weight, decrease blood pressure, reduce pain and increase strength and endurance. Our goal is in 90 days, you will learn how to exercise, modify your diet, manage your stress and live a more active and healthy lifestyle. Change your life in 90 days with REJUV 90-Day Program – Book your FREE consultation with our Kinesiologists at Advanced Medical Group TODAY! Contact us at (519) 873-1603 or rejuvlead@lo.advancedmedicalgroup.ca for more information.