When you think of exercise, most people think about its benefits on our physical health. But did you know that exercise also plays a big role in our emotional and social health? 

Maintaining an active social life is important for our mental health, helping us fight off loneliness and depression

By pairing wellness activities for senior citizens and socializing into one activity, it can help keep adherence up in our daily physical activity while motivating, encouraging, and keeping us accountable to our goals! 

In this article, we will talk about the social benefits of fitness programs for seniors and why you should include both in your everyday lives. 

The Top Social Benefits of Exercise for Seniors 

Daily physical activity has many health benefits, including improved weight loss, blood pressure control, reduction in pain symptoms and increased strength and stamina. 

The most-reported challenge to keeping an exercise routine is discipline and motivation. When a social component is added to daily exercise, motivation and discipline increase while improving confidence and enjoyment in training. 

In addition to those positives, here are the top benefits of group fitness programs for seniors:

Increase Stamina
If you find yourself napping throughout the day or needing an afternoon coffee, adding senior group fitness into your routine may help. Daily physical activity enables you to commit to a time and place to exercise to help your body naturally increase its energy levels in the body. To attain a high level of stamina, it is generally recommended you be physically active for six months or longer to see lasting benefits. 


Improved Motivation and Discipline
As previously discussed in the opening paragraph, group senior fitness helps improve motivation and discipline. Having a set time, place, and group of individuals can help you make time for exercise and keep you accountable because you don’t want to miss out on the class with your newfound friends. 

Decrease Stress and Blood Pressure
Being in a welcoming environment helps us naturally reduce stress, which will help decrease our blood pressure. Coupled with group exercise, it can help individuals keep their blood pressure and stress low while improving their overall health and cognitive function. 

Boost Your Mood
Exercise itself is already a mood booster. It helps release our “feel-good” neurotransmitters (endorphins) that help us feel happier and decrease occurrences of loneliness and depression. Exercising in a group setting helps to further improve our endorphin release and further improve current and future mood. 

“Older adults can obtain significant health benefits even with a small amount of daily exercise.” – Learn how exercise can help you and your physical health.

Feel Better with a Senior Wellness Program in London

The best way to feel happy and confident as we age is to maintain our physical and social health. Combining exercise and social activities with the use of a senior wellness program can increase our chances of remaining independent in our own homes or retirement home. If remaining independent, happy and healthy is your goal, then adding group exercise classes into your routine can help kickstart that goal.

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